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Do you want to lose weight and get leaner and more toned?
Have you tried dieting and learned the hard way it doesn't work?
Do you want to lose that belly fat and replace it w
ith a firm flat tummy or a washboard six-pack?
Do you want to build lean muscle and definition?
Are you having trouble losing weight despite being fit & active?
Are you not seeing any results despite your best intentions and hard work?
Are you sick of sorting fact out from fiction and you just want a no-nonsense guide (without the spin) to help you?
Do you want the advice of experts? (such as Olympians, dieticians, doctors, PTs)

  • Busting the myths and misinformation with the facts
  • The simple answer on how to get lean & toned
  • Why many women never get lean & toned
  • 5 key nutrition tips - what to eat, how much to eat, how often to eat, what to avoid and more
  • 5 key exercise tips - what exercises to do, how to do them, when to train and more
  • Curated by Olympians, Doctors, Dieticians, PTs

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Don't Take Our Word For It

“I have never had a problem with exercising. My nutrition was where I let myself down. This guide gave me the practical tips to help me actually change my eating habits. And that made all the difference. Thankyou Active8me!”


“This was the guide I have been looking for. It's practical and simple without all the hype. And yet it is advanced enough to explain to me where I was going wrong before, why my best intentions weren't making much of a difference, and what I need to do on both the fitness side and the nutrition side to get the results I want. It's working! Definitely worth it.”


“Finally an expert guide which tells it straight and where the experts actually know what they're talking about. The practical tips are excellent. It is just as applicable for guys wanting to get lean and toned as for women.”


If not now, when? 

Your health is THE single most important factor in your life.
So let us help you get the body you want, feel great and live healthily. 
You'll never regret that decision!


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