Your body is an amazing machine - the most amazing thing you will ever own! Nourish your body with healthy eating. It isn't just an important part of weightloss and toning, it is THE most important part!

Why you need this expert guide!

Do you want to lose weight, get leaner and/or get more toned?
Do you want to lose that belly fat and replace it w
ith a firm flat tummy or a washboard six-pack?
Are you having trouble losing weight despite being fit & active?
Are you not seeing any results despite your best intentions and hard work?
Are you sick of sorting fact out from fiction and you just want a no-nonsense guide (without the spin) to help you?
Do you want some suggested food swaps to help you fight those junk food cravings?
Do you believe you can be healthy without suffering tasteless food?

Do you want the advice of experts? (such as Olympians, dieticians, doctors, PTs)

Some of the things covered in the guide ...

  • What is clean eating

  • Why clean eating is important - 5 reasons you should care

  • What to avoid - 5 practical tips

  • What to choose and do - 10 practical tips

  • Clean eating food swap suggestions

"Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise or good nutrition will sooner or later have to find time for illness”.

About Active8me

Jeremy Rolleston


Active8me is fit, active, healthy, stylish and inspirational.

Our philosophy is encapsulated in four words. Exercise. Nourish. Think. Transform.

We want to inspire, encourage and resource you to exercise and move; to eat well and nourish your body; to focus on the root cause and the catalyst for long-term behavioural change (your thinking); and to transform your health and fitness (and in turn your life).

We offer a range of customized programs for people of all levels – written by our experts and based in science. The programs are available on mobiles; can be done anywhere and anytime; and offer comprehensive guidance and plans around exercise, nutrition, mindset and holistic health. Like a PT, dietician and life coach in your pocket!

Come on your fitness and health journey with us.

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Some words on the Guide

  • This is THE foundational guide for learning how to nourish your body and eat clean. And for the price you'd be crazy not to get it and inform yourself. I look better, feel great and am healthier.

    Mindy, US

  • An excellent guide that explains everything extremely well and has lots of practical tips.

    Emma, Australia

  • Finally an expert guide which is simple to read, cuts through the marketing hype, and gives me practical information that I can implement in my daily life.  These clean eating fundamentals are for everyone - for men or women, and for someone wanting to lose weight to someone wanting to build muscle. Great guide.

    Lauren, UK

  • What a fantastic guide by experts who clearly know what they are talking about. Thank you Active8me for teach me about nutrition and how to eat better to nourish my body.

    Wan, China

  • This guide really helped me to build some great habits for making smart nutrition choices every day. I especially liked the way it is common sense without being super restrictive or obsessive.

    Satu, Singapore